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Mt. Robson, the Robson Glacier, Berg Lake: 1911

Mt. Robson, the Robson Glacier, and Berg Lake: 1911, surveyed by A. O. Wheeler

Since 1996, Mountain Legacy Project (MLP) researchers have had the privilege of working with the largest systematic collection of mountain photography in the world. These glass negatives, created as intermediate artifacts in the mountain mapping processes of the late 19th / early 20th century, provide an unparalleled historic view of Canada’s mountain west. MLP is particularly interested in these images because of their systematic and comprehensive qualities. Surveyors, like A.O. Wheeler, M.P. Bridgland, and J. J. McArthur, selected, climbed, surveyed, and photographed peaks within a given region so as to allow each survey station to be viewable by at least two other stations. Now, over 100 years later, by repeating the images from the same locations, MLP is able to compare present landscapes with the past and, through careful interpretation and analysis, explore the dynamics and interplay of ecological, climate, and human-induced change.

Explore historic and modern images of Canada’s mountain west with Mountain Legacy: explore.mountainlegacy.ca

Visit mountainlegacy.ca for the full story on the Mountain Legacy Project.

Mt. Robson and the Robson Glacier: 2011

Mt. Robson, the Robson Glacier, and Berg Lake: 2011, Mountain Legacy Project



  1. Such sweet mountain views!

  2. Saw your note of Aug,26 in the guest book at Berg Lake . Look forward to your comparison photos at Robson..

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